What is the best fetish for you?

Everyone has a fetish, whether they’re willing to talk about it or not. What’s the best fetish for you? It’s hard to say. However, if you’re on a personal journey to measure your level of kink, it’s important to find a fetish that you love and that you’re comfortable exploring with your partner (or partners).

## Do you like one-on-one or group play?

As you work to discover your best fetish, consider what it is that you like? Would you prefer play that is one-on-one with a partner or would you prefer to play in a large group? You may already know the answer to this. However, if you have considered adding a third to the equation, you might like group play. After you add a third, a fourth or even a fifth might be highly desired.

Some people have trust issues, however. If you worry that your partner is going to be intimately involved with another person in the group, then group play might be for you. It’s important that you and your partner look at group play as purely sexual. If you’re seeking love and intimacy from others in the group, it can damage your relationship.

### Are you able to discuss your fetish openly?

Not all fetishes are commonplace. Secondly, not all fetishes are a comfortable topic. If you don’t feel as though you can talk about your fetish openly on a first or second date, it might be hard for you to open up and add that to a relationship. BDSM, spanking, and even swinging are considered commonplace enough for you to talk about them to people. However, when you get into bodily excrement and other unusual fetish play, it might be difficult to talk to someone to see if they’re interested in trying it out.

Particularly when you are looking for the best fetish to focus on, you want one that you can talk about without fear of someone rejecting you.

### Does your fetish require a lot of props?

Consider what kinds of props are required to act out your fetish. Voyeurism requires no props, just opportunity. BDSM, however, may require the use of some props, such as blindfolds and whips. However, they are easily transported so that you can take them with you to a club or on vacation.

If your fetish requires a large number of props, consider how you’re going to be able to play wherever you go. Particularly if your partner is new to the fetish and is willing to try it out, you don’t want to pull out so many props that they become intimidated.

### Are you able to have your needs met regularly?

The best kinks are ones that you can have your needs met on a regular basis. If you find it difficult to find a partner who will play in your fetish or it requires too much set up, you may not be able to play as often as you would like. This can make it difficult for you to have all of your sexual needs met.

Find a kink that you can discuss with your partner, enjoy regularly, and even “take with you” when you go on vacation so that you can continue to play.

There is no reason why you have to get rid of any of your fetishes. However, your best fetish should be the one that allows you to talk openly about it and partake in it regularly.