The Top 5 Common Fetishes You Should Know About

If you have decided to branch out and stop being so vanilla in the bedroom, your goal should be to explore some fetishes. Not every fetish is going to be for you. There are also some that may not turn you on. Others may turn you on even though you swore it wouldn’t.

A few fetishes are more popular than you might realize, which are the ones we’re going to focus on. They’re worth trying out at least once to see if they do anything for you.

Foot Fetish
Perhaps the most common fetish of them all is a foot fetish. Men are typically the ones to have it. They love sucking toes, licking the sole of the feet, and much more. A few related fetishes are feet in stockings as well as high heels (that may or may not have feet inside of them).

Spank or be spanked, that is the question. Men and women alike have the desire to be spanked or do the spanking. Generally, the person being spanked is the submissive one. Those who really enjoy this fetish may want to bend someone over their knee to give them a spanking that can leave red marks behind to show that they were there. GQ Magazine recognizes spanking as a top fetish so much that they created a spanking guide.

Adult Babies
Infantilism is a common fetish, believe it or not. This means that someone is the “baby” of the relationship and wants to be babied, complete with diapers, pacifiers, and bottles. Go into any adult store and you’re likely to find an entire aisle dedicated to the adult baby fetish. It’s often a man with the fetish and they want their partner to play mommy or nanny.

If you love the idea of watching people have sex, then you likely can add voyeurism to your list of fetishes. You may want to watch couples have sex with a hidden camera, through a window, online, or even by going to a peep show. Some sex clubs will have entire viewing rooms for those who enjoy voyeurism so that they can watch others have sex, which is all entirely consensual. A closely related fetish is having sex in front of mirrors, where you can watch yourself having sex.

BDSM, also referred to as Bondage/Domination/Sadism/Masochism, is a fetish that has been around for a long time. Some people prefer to go to sex dungeons in order to get their freak on while others prefer to have under-the-mattress harnesses or a pair of fuzzy handcuffs around the bedroom to play with.

After half of America read “Fifty Shades of Grey,” there are plenty more people willing to give BDSM a try. Some will even take it as far as being collared to show that they are truly a submissive to their Dom (dominant).

Exploring the many fetishes can be a lot of fun. Now that you know what the most common fetishes are, you can also prepare for a partner telling you that they like a good spanking from time to time or have the desire to watch others get it on.