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Stages Rentals

Armory Studios has stages ranging from 250 Sq. Feet to 40,000 Sq. Feet located within the historic Armory building in San Francisco. We work to accommodate the needs of our clients and in addition can provide Videographers, Set Dressing, Props, Lighting, Production Office Space, and Catering. Please contact Armory Studios for availability, rates and to schedule a scout.

At the Armory every stage has a story. Here are a few prior productions at Armory Studios

During the filming or Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, several special effects explosions were filmed at the San Francisco Armory. It was selected because it was the largest single room anywhere that was unrestricted. The Star Wars production company constructed their own ceiling that was black and measured about a hundred feet long by sixty feet wide, and they photographed several large explosions, about sixty feet off the ground. Five high-speed cameras going on each take, and only one jammed during production. There were two VistaVision high speed cameras that maxed out at seventy-two frames per second, and a new one that was shooting ninety-six, with three additional cameras shooting anamorphic. Filming lasted in the Armory for a couple of weeks with a total of four hundred different explosion shots.

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At Armory Studios we have over 5000 square feet of set dressing. We feature a large selection of furniture, rugs, drapery, lighting and soft props. Should you need a Sci-Fi set or Gypsy themed set and anything in between, our set dressers are ready to meet your set decorating needs.




Our on staff lighting crew can support a wide range of production services to include lighting and electrical services.  We do not rent lighting equipment.  All of our equipment comes with a staff lighting person.  Please check for availability and pricing.




The Armory in house caterer, Chef Marcus, is a trusted name throughout the Bay Area. Marcus brings simple, local, and delicious foods to your production set. A well trained staff of intuitive and professional cooks and servers are ready to meet your daily production needs with a consistent and gracious presence. Catering services include on site cooking, menu planning, and cleaning.

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