Popular Kinks to Explore

So you want to get kinky? There are a lot of popular kinks for you to explore with your partner. There are literally hundreds of kinks out there, though some are more mainstream than others. If you’re reading a magazine or watching a movie that references a particular kink, you should know what it’s about and even whether you like it or not.

We’re here to give you some insider-information to some of the most popular kinks.


Spanking is seen in movies all the time. Someone likes to be spanked and the other person likes to do the spanking. Sometimes it is the sheer pleasure of giving control over to someone. For others, they want to be spanked if they did something wrong.

You can be spanked with a variety of different tools. It will probably start off with your hand. From there, you can move on to wooden and leather paddles, floggers, and even canes. One of the best ways to figure out what you will enjoy is to get a few different products. If you have a BDSM dungeon or sex shop near you, they may even offer a tutorial to help you out.

Sensory Deprivation

There is much to be said about depriving the various senses so that others become heightened. The kink of sensory deprivation is extremely popular, though you can decide just how much to deprive the senses. Using a blindfold is one example of sensory deprivation. Once you blindfold someone, they’re going to respond more to your touch. You may also want to light a candle to block out other scents. Consider playing loud music so that they can’t hear anything.

Then, when you touch them, their sense of touch will come alive, making it that much more exciting for the both of you.

Hot Wax

The idea of pouring hot wax on someone can be extremely appealing. The person who is getting the wax poured on them has trust in you. Plus, they will love the sudden feel of hot on their body. Most of the hot wax designed for this purpose comes from a massage candle. The wax will never get too hot that it could burn. The oil from the wax is then used for massage, allowing you to add a sensual element to the actions.

This is one of the tamer kinks that are out there, allowing you to ease your way into some of the more extreme kinks. Of course, there is a safe way to work with wax and Glamour has a few tips.


here is a large community of swingers around the world. Swinging essentially means that you are consensually swapping partners. You and your partner would swap with another couple. It can be exciting to watch your partner be with someone else. It can also be exciting for you to have the green light to have sex with someone else.

It’s important to set boundaries and understand the various terms that are used within the swing lifestyle. For example, a soft swap means that you’re having fun with each other but there is no penetration. If you want penetration, then it’s a hard swap. There’s also same-room fun, where all of the couples are in the same room. You may also want to opt for the “dog pile” where everyone plays together.

Various communities online, such as Swingers Date Club, will make it easier for you to find couples to swing with as well as get-togethers where you can learn more about the whole thing.

Ultimately, you will want to try out a few of the different popular kinks to see what you like. Then, you may find that one kink will lead to another, especially as you meet other people who are into similar activities as you are. What’s important is that you find activities that you enjoy and that you and your partner can do together.