Sexuality Workshop Series

Inspired by the Mission to “demystify and celebrate alternative sexualities,” the company offers Bay Area locals and visitors the opportunity to attend workshops that will aid in providing the information and encouragement to support exploration.

Each month features several opportunities to attend workshops that cater to a wide variety interests and experience levels. The two-hour long classes will be held in the landmark San Francisco Armory on one of the impressive sets designed by’s Art Department. Instructors include models and directors of as well as talented and renowned educators within the sex, kink, and bdsm communities.

Come with an open mind and a positive attitude. Workshops may include live demonstrations.

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Upcoming Workshops

Kink 101 Workshop
Sat, April 19, 2014 at 12:00pm PST

Kink curious? Want to explore, but unsure how? Well here is where you learn how to get started.

This interactive workshop covers many of the basics:

1. Am I really kinky? Just in the bedroom, weekends, all the time?
2. What is a fetish, kink, play, poly?
3. Do I have to have a label, what do they all mean? *Top, bottom, Sir, Madam, switch, Daddy/boy, Mommy/girl? Do I have to decide one just one?
4. Do I need lots of expensive gear to play? What do I wear? How do I talk to people?
5. Consent: How do I ask for it, and how do I give it? When does it end?
6. How do I start playing? Where I can I find out more? Are there local groups, play parties, education?
7. What to expect at a munch, a play party, dungeon or sampler?
8. How can I not be the creepy dude/dudette?

Following our conversation, we will take a peek into a toy bag, and discuss some of the toys that are available and enjoy a brief interactive exploration of how they work.

This isn’t meant to be the end all be all of kink workshops, just a starting point in which to jump off. $20/$35 couples

Presentated by Jessie, a local member of the community who has played with many labels himself from submissive/bottom, to Dominant/top, boy/Daddy and Sir. Jessie believes most labels belong on jars and not on our play, but agrees to use them as a way to create a starting point. He was Mr. SF Leather 2012, Leather Alliance Man of the Year 2013, is a member of ACLC, SOJ, SF-Citadel, Vice-President of the SF Bay Area Leather Alliance, and sits on the Folsom Street Events board and enjoys playing as much as possible.

Bonds of Love: Introduction to the art of Japanese Rope Bondage presented by Bondage Erotique
Thurs, April 24, 2014 at 7:00pm PST

An exciting, hands-on introductory workshop on the historical and artistic world of Shibari, Japanese Rope Bondage. Explore reasons for wanting to tie or be tied up, the safety factors involved, how to choose the right ropes and lengths. We teach foundational ties, and some intriguing variations, as well as explore a dynamic use of bondage from the sensual to the artistic.

*No previous rope experience is necessary.

a couple notes about the class:
If attendees sign up solo, they will be paired with someone in the class to practice with.
We provide the rope for people to practice with.
People should come dressed comfortably, to tie and be tied.
Those who will be tied should wear tight fitting, comfortable clothes (loose stuff gets in the way!) $35/$60 couples

Bottoms Up! Spanking: more than a “kink gateway drug” presented by Tina Horn
Sat, April 26, 2014 at 2:00pm PST

Spanking fantasies are as varied as the people who enjoy them, but often stigmas keep us from safely exploring this fun, cost-free erotic activity. Some of us daydream of strict discipline, while others just enjoy any way we can get our hands on a nice ass.

Join profession dominant/submissive and kinky porn star Tina Horn as she leads an upbeat seminar that will empower you to live out and take pride in your fantasies.Tops will empower themselves with the skills necessary to administer the most delicious spanks, and bottoms will learn how they can help facilitate the treatment they’ve always deserved.

This class will also touch on other types of impact play such as flogging and caning, as well as basic role play and Dominant/Submissive techniques. Novices, old hands, tops, bottoms, couples, men, women, and queers of all identities and orientations are welcome and encouraged to attend. Class will include a hot live demo! Tickets $20/$30 couples

Fingerbanging and G-Spot Mastery presented by Danarama
Sun, April 27, 2014 at 2:00pm PST

A two-hour workshop on fingering? Yes, and not a moment wasted. Learn nearly fifty ways to let your fingers do the fucking, with dynamic techniques that range from intimately gentle to intensely mind-blowing.

Drive her wild with “digital sex” by putting precise and imaginative attention on her clit, cunt, ass, and more. Discover how to read your partner’s sexual response, find her G-spot and focus on it, even without her uttering a word.

Arm your hands with the ability to deliver dozens of amazing sensations using one finger, two fingers, all fingers, thumbs, two hands, forearms, adding vibrators/ticklers/toys, and more…often with squirt-inducing success. $30/$50 couples

Romantic Surrender; Adding Dominance and Submission to Your Sex Life presented by Laura Antoniou
Thurs, May 1, 2014 at 7:00pm PST

Romance is the number one reason why people want to incorporate dominance and submission to their relationship and or bedrooms. But when you are just starting out, a bewildering array of rules, assumptions and quality-of-lifestyle measurements can be more intimidating than a cheap pair of fuzzy handcuffs and a satin blindfold.

Relax! You don’t need to be 24/7, you don’t need to have your own private dungeon and you sure don’t have to obey someone else’s rules to have a good time and enjoy the sensual pleasure of making kinky dreams come true. Learn to discuss fantasies, negotiate with flirts and smiles and test the waters of deliciously risky play. $30/50 couples

Laura Antoniou is the author of the well known Marketplace series of erotic novels, but has also written dozens of short stories, essays and other works in various genres for over 25 years. Winner of the NLA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011 and the Jack McGeorge Excellence in Education Award in 2012, she has presented, taught and ranted at over 150 conferences and events since the early 80′s, delivering enlightenment, entertainment and indictments. She has also appeared at colleges and universities, including NYU, Harvard, Rutgers, Columbia and the University of Washington. Laura is personally featured in Writing Below the Belt; Conversations with Erotic Authors, by Michael Rowe, and The Burning Pen; Sex Writers on Sex Writing, by M. Christian. The first Chris Parker story written outside of a Marketplace book was chosen to be in Take Me There, Tristan Taormino’s 2011 collection of transgender erotica. She was also a columnist for Girlfriends magazine and for, the editor of Badboy and Bi-Curious, and a regular contributor to the SandMUtopia Guardian from 1993-2000. All of her other available works can be found listed at her website,

Rope Bondage: Basic Floorwork presented by Stefano Laforgia
Thurs, May 8, 2014 at 7:00pm PST

Many people underestimate the fun you can have playing on the floor with the body of your bottom and some rope. In this workshop we’ll explore the basics of tying in elegant, fast and secure ways.

We’ll learn how to tie for sex, s/m play or just for the fun of tying. From single and double limb ties, to basic chest harnesses and lower body ties, all of which you can combine to your liking.

Beyond learning to replicate the ties, you’ll get a first look at the “how to’s” of tying: making every inch of rope count and your bottom coming back for more.

What to bring: 6×7-8m (21-24ft) 5-7mm natural fiber ropes, a rubber mat, a towel. $35/$60 couples

Rough Sex presented by Danarama
Sun, May 11, 2014 at 7:00pm PST

Danarama demonstrates and coaches a wide range of rough sex techniques that can safely make sex feel excitingly brutal while remaining safe, for both women or men in control. After discussing negotiation, mental, and safety factors, Dan and his model dive in and demo dozens of fast and functional arm/body holds, creative use of clothing and furniture for impromptu restraint, powerful sex positions of high exposure or compression, mind-blowing fingerbanging, cruel handjobs, forced oral, hair pulling, slapping, talking dirty, integrating vibrators/toys into the act, orgasm control/denial/forcing, and other imaginative tips and skills to intensify sex.

1. Rough sex safety and negotiation
2. Rough sex holds & clothes
3. Rough sex positions and transitions
4. Rough foreplay
5. Rough fucking action skills
6. Talking hot and dirty

Tickets $35/$60 couples

Seduced by the Kisses of Rope presented by Bondage Erotique
Thurs, May 15, 2014 at 7:00pm PST

An introduction to Ichinawa (one rope technique), the most essential, yet simple and intimate form of Japanese Rope Bondage. We share techniques on how to create mental and emotional space for deeper connection with your partner through Kokoro, which translates to “letting the rope flow through heart, mind, spirit”. Learn to avoid being too caught up in complex forms and patterns, in order to better focus on sensing and responding through the rope, letting intuition and the subconscious set the flow. It’s all about the journey, NOT the destination!

*No previous rope experience is necessary.

a couple notes about the class:
This class should be attended in pairs.
We provide the rope for people to practice with.
People should come dressed comfortably, to tie and be tied.
Those who will be tied should wear tight fitting, comfortable clothes (loose stuff gets in the way!) $60 couples

The Ties that Bind: Taking your rope to the next level presented by Bondage Erotique
Thurs, June 12, 2014 at 7:00pm PST

Ready to take your rope journey to the next level? – Got your Foundational ties down and ready for some new sexy and aesthetic ties?

This workshop introduces participants to binding for the arms and legs that are both sensual and Functional. We show you several creative ways to play with both symmetrical bondage.

This class is aimed toward students who have taken our Introduction class “The Bonds of Love’ or have previous basic rope knowledge and can tie a single & double column tie proficiently.

a couple notes about the class:
We provide rope for you to practice with and will have some for sale
Come dressed comfortable, to tie or be tied
$60 couples

Manifesting Sexual Mastery: A Weekend of Sexual Empowerment presented by Madison Young
Sat, June 21, 11-6:00pm PST and Sun, June 22, 11-6:00pm w/ Play Party 7-10:00pm PST

In this innovative 2 Day Intensive, feminist porn icon and erotic film director – Madison Young, divulges the sexual secrets of exploring and expressing your sexuality with the passion, prowess and gusto of a porn starlet and with the heart and intimacy of a skilled lover.

Through a series of hands on workshops, radical sex presentations and live demonstrations coupled with assigned homework and complimentary reading materials, Young promises to sexually empower individuals in this transformative weekend long experience.

Fun hands-on intimacy labs allow participants time and space to explore your own desires as well as improve techniques in communicating and manifesting your intimate and powerful orgasmic climaxes like you have only seen in your favorite erotic films and kinkiest fantasies.

This weakend will be a gift opportunity at deepening connection through orgasmic kissing techniques, basic bondage for bedroom, orgasmic g-spot stimulation, creative sexual positions, deep-throating techniques, fellatio enhancement and powerful passionate oral sex with cunnilingus that will have you and your partner/s screaming for more. $900/couple


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