Sexuality Workshop Series

Inspired by the Mission to “demystify and celebrate alternative sexualities,” the company offers Bay Area locals and visitors the opportunity to attend workshops that will aid in providing the information and encouragement to support exploration.

Each month features several opportunities to attend workshops that cater to a wide variety interests and experience levels. The two-hour long classes will be held in the landmark San Francisco Armory on one of the impressive sets designed by’s Art Department. Instructors include models and directors of as well as talented and renowned educators within the sex, kink, and bdsm communities.

Come with an open mind and a positive attitude. Workshops may include live demonstrations.

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Upcoming Workshops

Rope Flow: Mastering Speed, Technique and Movement While Handling Rope presented by Bondage Erotique

Thurs, October 9, 2014 at 7-9pm PST

This workshop focuses on developing the skills necessary for better rope management, dexterity and flow. We exercise body memory in order to achieve better results in the quality, speed and passion of your ties.

Notes about the Class:

  • Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Requirements: Chest harness/Box tie
  • We provide rope for you to practice with and for sale at the end of the class
  • Come dress comfortable, to tie or be tied

Tickets: $60/couple

Rope Review & Jam presented by Bondage Erotique

Thurs, October 9, 2014 at 9-11pm PST

Book it!

Come join us for an evening of Shibari review and practice. This is an opportunity to revisit the concepts, ties and foundational knowledge we have covered in our first 4 months of classes at the Armory, and also to deepen your Shibari practice in a supportive environment. We provide a comfortable space with down-tempo music, mats, suspension points, and tea & water. There will be no formal instruction, but participants are encouraged to explore and tie whatever inspires them. Kanso & Blue will be available to review ties they have taught in recent classes, give feedback, and offer help and suggestions. All levels are welcome (though of course, suspension points should be used only by those proficient with suspension, and at their own risk).

Tickets: $10

Beginning Rope Restraint for Sex presented by TomFoolery
Sat, October 11, 2014 at 4-6pm PST

Rope bondage always looks so great, but it seems so intimidating. TomFoolery will show you a bunch of useful, easy and cool ties and knots so you can launch into your own rope scenes. This class will be for anyone who wants to try out rope in the bedroom. There will be hands on practice to show you step by step how to tie someone up. Also we’ll cover rope selection, safety and all the things you will want to know to make your rope adventures successful. At the end of the class you will have basic rope skills and be able to start exploring on your own.

We will cover wrist ties, chest harnesses and a simple hog tie. Although rope is provided for the class, we encourage you to bring your own. You can bring 2 pieces of ~35 foot rope that is 3/8th in diameter. Any kind of rope is fine as long as it is soft and bends easily. Also bring 2 pieces of ~8 feet of either 3/8th or 1/2 inch rope.

Tickets: $60/couple

A Touch of Kink: Bondassage presented by Eve Minax
Thurs, October 16, 2014 at 7-9pm PST

Sensual massage is a great way to gift your lover with special erotic “Me” time and Bondassage can help make it even more spectacular! Moving from tie and tease, you can modify Bondassage to suit you and your partners wildest desires. By integrating light restraint, sensory deprivation, sensual touch, sex toys and specialized equipment, you can create an even kinkier, more intense erotic journey for your partner, keeping them on the edge the whole time. In addition to more exciting sex, communication and sensual touch can deepen intimacy. We will discuss and demonstrate negotiations then perform an interactive, sweet, sexy, Bondassage session. No partner needed, but we will have some extra space and materials for those who wish to practice. Join Eve Minax, our local “Bondasseuse” (who even helped write the book) for a delightful evening of sensual bondage and orgasmic bliss! All genders and sexualities encouraged.

Tickets: $30/$50 Couples

Use Your Words: Dirty Talk Workshop presented by Tina Horn
Sat, October 23, 2014 at 7-9pm PST

It’s often said that the biggest erogenous zone is between the ears, not the legs, and sexy talk is a great way to get those juices flowing. Professional exhibitionist motormouth Tina Horn will open your mind to dirty dynamics and have you cursing like a sailor in no time.

You’ll get a chance to practice nasty talk, learn how to get in touch with your own filthy fantasies and the fantasies of others, and experience the excitement that words can unlock in and outside the boudoir or dungeon.

People of all genders, partnerings, and desires welcome. Class will include a live demonstration that’s guaranteed to make you blush!

Tickets: $30/$50 couples

Intermediate Rope Restraint for Sex presented by TomFoolery
Sat, October 25, 2014 at 4-6pm PST

If you have some rope experience or already have been to the introductory class, this course will reinforce what you have learned and teach more useful rope-for-sex, and for play. This class will cover a new chest tie. Also we will show you clever ways to restrain your partner for your pleasure – and theirs too. We will build on several basic techniques to show you how to improvise your own creative ties.

As always, safety and scene dynamics will be covered. You will learn how to move beyond basic mechanics and make your rope scenes flow smoothly to create the experience you and your rope bottom are looking for. There will be lots of practice time and individual help to ensure you learn the material.

Although rope is provided for the class, we encourage you to bring your own. You can bring 2 pieces of ~35 foot rope that is 3/8th in diameter. Any kind of rope is fine as long as it is soft and bends easily. Also bring 2 pieces of ~8 feet of either 3/8th or 1/2 inch rope. Email if you have questions.

Tickets: $50/Couple

Monogo-Maybe: Adventuring into Open Relationships presented by Siouxsie Q and Jesse James
Sun, October 26, 2014 at 2-4pm PST

Swingers, sex parties, and poly-amory, oh my! Taking the first steps toward opening your relationship can feel over-whelming at first, no matter how open-minded or established you may be with your partner. This class is designed to give couples and singles the concrete tools they need to begin their journey into non-monogamous relationships. Perhaps you and your partner are considering having your first threesome together? Or perhaps you have discovered you have a crush on two people at the same time? Ethical non-monogamy comes in so many flavors, and this class is designed to help you figure out which one you’d like to try first.

We will cover:

  • Dealing with jealousy responsibly.
  • Negotiating boundaries.
  • How to find like-minded people.
  • Building trust.
  • Finding your flavor: exploring different styles of non-monogamy.

And more!

Long-term non-monogamous partners Siouxsie Q and Jesse James of The WhoreCast are your tour guides into the wonderful world of open relationships.

Tickets: $25/$40 couple

Rough Sex Workshop – Full Day Intensive presented by Danarama
Sun, November 9, 2014 at 11am-6pm PST

The Armory’s most popular class has been expanded into a full-day intensive, interactive course. This workshop goes beyond demos and takes you to the max–and the mat–with supervised practice and guidance. Danarama demonstrates and coaches a wide range of rough sex techniques that can safely make sex feel excitingly brutal while remaining safe, for both women or men in control.

After discussing negotiation and safety, Dan and his model actually demo dozens of fast and functional arm/body holds, creative use of clothing and furniture for impromptu restraint, powerful sex positions of high exposure and compression, mind-blowing fingerbanging, cruel handjobs, forced oral, hair pulling, slapping, talking dirty, integrating vibrators/toys into the act, orgasm control/denial/forcing, speed bondage, and other imaginative tips and skills to intensify sex and make of one of couples’ most sought-after fantasies a reality. Then couples are invited to try-out and practice (in whatever level of attire or capacity they prefer) the material they have learned.

1. Exploration of rough sex: the demand and the mindset
2. Safety considerations and protecting your valuables
3. Communication, negotiation, preparation, and lubrication
4. Rough handling: clothing, body holds, and take-downs (class practice)
5. Speed bondage for sex (class practice)
6. Talking hot and dirty (class discussion and practice)

Break (snacks and refreshments provided)

7. Rough foreplay: fingerbanging (class practice)
8. Tug jobs and face fucking
8. Positions, transitions, and choreography
9. Putting it all into action: rhythm and motions
10. Incorporating toys: vibrators and dildos
11. Involving others: for bodily restraint, threesomes and gangbang

(Class practice encouraged and supervised. Safer sex supplies provided. Couples recommended. Singles welcome but will not be paired up.)

Tickets: $250/$400 couples

Hardware Store Bondage presented by Frozen Meursault
Weds, November 12, 2014 at 7-8:30pm PST

Your average home improvement store has many creative and less traditional restraints available for a great price. We will explore and brainstorm some ways to use very common materials to achieve a variety of sensations and results.

The purpose of this class is two fold, first to give specific and actionable ideas for new forms of bondage and second, to encourage participants to think outside the box.

This class will feature:

  • Specific examples of off the shelf items to be used for restraint
  • Ways to modify a few common items for bondage
  • Safety concerns with using new restraints
  • Restraints for specific styles of play or forms of role play
  • Opportunities to try out several restraints with a partner

Tickets: $30/$50 couples *materials included*

Bound to the Core: Exploring the hip harness for suspension presented by Bondage Erotique
Thurs, November 13, 2014 at 7-9pm PST

In this class we focus on learning a versatile hip harness for use in Japanese
rope suspension. We will address the functionality of a hip harness, how to
achieve proper tension and different ways of attaching support lines for a safe and
comfortable suspension.

This class is aimed toward students who have taken our introductory classes,
or have previous basic rope knowledge, can tie a single & double column tie
proficiently, and have some level of comfort in handling ropes.

Tickets: $60 Couples

Sex Tape Secrets presented by Siouxsie Q
Sat, November 15, 2014 at 2-4pm PST

Now that so many of us are equipped with tiny porn making machines (ie: smart phones) in our pockets at all times, we might as well be making the best sex tapes that we can, right? Porn performer and San Francisco sex columnist, Siouxsie Q, lets you in on all the industry secrets of looking amazing while you’re getting filthy.

This class will give you all the tools you need to be America’s Next Top Indie Porn Star, even if your performance never leaves your hard-drive. We’ll cover basics of lighting, modeling, and porn star sex techniques that will have you making sex tapes that TMZ would kill to get their hands on. We’ll also cover basic online security, so your sex tape secrets stay secret!

You will learn:

  • How to look adorable while giving a blow-job.
  • Sex positions that flatter every figure.
  • Visual stimulation: lights on, eyes open techniques that enhance both your performance and your experience.
  • How to over-come being camera-shy.

…And more!

Note: Please bring a smart phone or digital camera with you to class.

Tickets: $25/$40 couple

Bonds of Love: Introduction to the art of Japanese Rope Bondage presented by Bondage Erotique
Thurs, November 20, 2014 at 7-9pm PST

An exciting, hands-on introductory workshop on the historical and artistic world of Shibari, Japanese Rope Bondage. Explore reasons for wanting to tie or be tied up, the safety factors involved, how to choose the right ropes and lengths. We teach foundational ties, and some intriguing variations, as well as explore a dynamic use of bondage from the sensual to the artistic.

*No previous rope experience is necessary.

A couple notes about the class:

  • We provide the rope for people to practice with.
  • People should come dressed comfortably, to tie and be tied.
  • Those who will be tied should wear tight fitting, comfortable clothes (loose stuff gets in the way!)

Tickets: $50 Couples

Not Your Mama’s Rope Bondage – A Hands-On Class presented by Cross
Sat, December 6, 2014 at 2-4pm PST

In this class, you will learn how to use rope in a variety of new ways. This includes hair, hand, and foot bondage, as well as other uses for rope. All experience levels are welcome. The class will begin with a basic rope primer that will cover a the essential terms and techniques for beginners. The class will then move into applications for the basic skills. This is a hands-on class and everyone is strongly urged to participate. Anyone who is alone can be paired up with others, or can simply observe. Participants are encouraged, but not required, to bring their own rope with them to the class. Tickets: $35/$60 Couples

Creative Mindfuckery and Interrogation: A Weekend Intensive for Dominants Only presented by Danarama Sat, December 6, 1-6pm and Sun, December 7, 1-6pm

Minds are going to get fucked. Secrets are going to be surrendered. Now you can be the one to make it happen.
For half a decade, Danarama has been presenting his Creative Mindfuckery and Authentic Interrogation classes to sold-out audiences nationwide. Two hours never seems to be enough for either. Now we’re combining them and expanding it to two days, in an intensive, weekend-long power course (with overnight VIP option).
Beyond lecture. Beyond demo. These are topics that deserve student interaction, coaching, practice, and immersion. Come and get it! And leave your subs at home. Seriously.
Day 1: Saturday, December 6th, 1:00pm to 6:00pm
Creative Mindfuckery Intensive
The physical aspects of S/m can only go so far in taking people into subspace. Headspace is where it’s at. But you don’t have to be a hypnotist, psychologist or shaman to get there. Danarama shares a wide range of techniques, from communication-flytraps to home-built props and sleights of hand that you can use to delve into your partner’s mind… and play upon their fears in ways that are terrifyingly realistic and effective, yet physically safe and easily wiped away like a bad dream. Featuring live demonstrations, craft instructions, basic practical magicianship and discussions into darker sides like brainwashing,  and terror-peaking, Dan will arm you with the tools to take your scenes to a new dimension.
1. Brain-stalking, f.k.a. “listening”
2. Seeding and faking expectations
3. Using cadence and tone of voice
4. Creating settings, props and plot lines
5. Basic hand sleights
6. Unveiling the ruse, returning to reality
7. Negotiation and aftercare
Sunday, December 7th, 12:00 midnight to 6:00am
Limited Overnight VIP Option: The Interrogation Marinate
(Details revealed to exclusive participants.)
Day 2: Saturday, December 6th, 1:00pm to 6:00pm


Intense Interrogation for BDSM
Most people picture interrogation scenes as a bright light, a hard chair, and using yelling and torture to get a “secret” instead of a safe word. Yes, that can be fun. But if you really want to get into a sub’s head–to yield a specific secret, a risky truth, or a signed confession–the effective process is actually much different.Tapping his degree in Communication (with an emphasis on POW interrogation), Danarama discusses and demonstrates a wide array of concepts and proven-effective questioning techniques–gathered from the AMF 34-52 (US Army), the Kubark (CIA), the Reid Technique (police) and the Stasi (former East German) interrogation manuals and personal accounts of POW and criminal interrogations. He offers ideas on how you can leverage these principles to prepare and execute your own BDSM-based interrogation scenes to create realistic (and often real) effects, and arm you with ways to get your sub to talk.
1. Interrogation objectives (what to ask for)
2. Interviewer/scene/space preparation
3. Why torture doesn’t work (and other surprises)
4. Non-coercive interviewing techniques
5. Five ways to tell if a story is truthful or not
6. Coercive tactics
7. The 9-Step Reid Technique


This weekend intensive is the workshop that bratty subs will hate, teenagers won’t want their parents to attend, and cops have even asked Dan not to share. Too bad for them. Good for you. Tickets: $250

The Subtle Art of Predicament Bondage – A Demonstration and Workshop presented by Cross

Wed, December 10, 2014 at 7-9pm PST

Anyone who has seen one of the films from the “Saw” franchise is familiar with the concept of predicament bondage, where a subject is put in a position which forces them to choose between two or more conflicting desires, most commonly between two kinds of pain.

“The Subtle Art of Predicament Bondage” helps players to understand various techniques that can be used to inspire your own creative process of designing and implementing these this devious form of bondage.

Tickets: $30/$50 Couples

From the Ground Up 1: Managing Ropes for Safe Suspension presented by Bondage Erotique
Thurs, December 11, 2014 at 7-9pm PST

The first in our advanced series of classes, geared towards bringing students into the incredible world of rope suspension carefully and well prepared!
In this class students will learn the basic techniques on how to manage load-bearing ropes to optimize safety and obtain an efficient rope flow for both partial and full suspensions.

  • Skill level: intermediate/advanced
  • Participants must be able to tie proficient chest & waist harnesses.
  • What to bring: 8 lengths 8m (21-24ft) 5-6mm natural fiber ropes (jute or hemp), a towel, safety shears, up to 8-10 carabiners and a suspension ring. Any questions on the equipment, or for recommendations on sources for equipment, please write to

Tickets: $60/Couple


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