The historic San Francisco Armory located in the heart of the Mission district holds tours on a regular basis. The tour is led by employees of Cybernet Entertainment, LLC, the adult entertainment production company that acquired the building in 2006. The 90-minute tour will allow you to explore the facilities originally built to service the National Guard, and now home to the elaborate and cinematic sets that have since been constructed for use as production studios. Experience the dark dungeons, the decadent Upper Floor, and everything in between. The extraordinary history of the SF Armory and the talented handiwork of the Art Department combine to create an unforgettable experience. From extensive prop collections to the creek that runs through the basement, there is no other place quite like it. Must be 18+ with valid ID to attend.

Private Tours can be arranged for your special event. Whether it be a Birthday party, Bachelor/ette party, or a fun excursion for co-workers or social group. Email for rates and scheduling.

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**Reservations can not be refunded or rescheduled.**

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What to Expect

Read what recent guests had to say:

“Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable and happy to answer questions. Great history tour and amazing facilities.”

“I’m an interior designer. It was great to see all different themed rooms decorated INTERESTINGLY. I liked that it was so clean everywhere. ( I have bad allergy for dust and mold. I can tell if the place is dirty.)”

“What’s not to like? The tour guides were terrific. Seeing all the different floors, their functions, the work of the art department–phenomenal!”

“I really liked seeing the upper floor, the two sex slaves in their beds and a girl in a cop uniform being whisked down the steps I presume to do a scene. I was really impressed by the quality of your studios and the props. Your production team does some excellent lighting. I was checking that out since I do production for a living. The prop stuff was really, really cool and being able to go right in some of the rooms that had all sorts of props.”

“I loved the wood shop and the prop/furniture areas. It was fascinating to see how the different elements of the scenery came together, basically built from scratch. Also, the chainsaw equipped with tongues and the sex robot, and the cart of dildos. And the lube buckets. Our tour guide was AWESOME. Very knowledgeable and easy to talk to–perfect for leading tours like this.”

“i found the whole experience enjoyable. the tour guides were very friendly and informative, the sets were amazing, and its nice to know about how kink is trying to reach out to the community. basically it was like visiting willy wonka’s chocolate factory. . . if willy wonka made porn. which, i guess you can’t prove that he didn’t. back on topic-it was a 6 hour drive to visit the armory and it was completely worth it. i hope to make to trip again soon.”

“I was born and raised in sf and was always fascinated about the building itself: it was a thrill to finally be able to enter it and have our guide explain so much about the original use of the building. The sets were so creative and expertly crafted-together with the prop department: I was in hog heaven. Last but not least was our tour guide. She was so informative about the armory’s history and about what is, does and plans to do.”

“I loved the juxtaposition of the history of the Armory building with all of the Kink stuff. Fascinating use of the space. And the guide did an awesome job.”

“Loved the inside view of a historic building and an industry and community and lifestyle I know little about. I applaud the openness and generosity of to invite visitors, it is a great idea and method to build community through understanding and human connection. Bravo!”

“The tour guide was great! She gave a great overview of the business and the history of the building.”

“Our tour guide was amazing. Super outgoing and friendly staff. Very knowledgeable and willing to answer questions regarding personal BDSM. LOVE IT!”

“It’s an incredible building, and it was fun to be inside it. There’s an air of mystery about it from the outside, because the company does such a good job of being low-key about what goes on within. Because of that, it was really interesting to actually go inside the walls and see that it’s just a really unique business run by extremely creative people.”

“There was a lot of factual information given. I also really enjoyed the professionalism.”

“1. The tourguide was awesome. She was funny and picked the right information for the well-mixed audience. 2. I liked to see the different settings/rooms. Gave me an idea how to realize it in my own home 😉 3. The duration of the tour was close too perfect.”

“LOVED ALL OF IT!!! Glad I brought my friends with me, they were visiting from China and were completely blown away & can’t stop talking about it.”