How do I purchase Tour tickets using my Voucher code?

Tour customers with discount codes follow these instructions (using a computer is recommended over a phone):
1. Click the “Tours” tab
2. Click on “Book Your Tour Now” button
3. Select a date and time that can accommodate the number of guests in your party
4. Enter your promo code and click “Apply”
5. Choose the appropriate number of tickets from the drop-down menu (note: this must be done AFTER applying your voucher code and the reservation must reflect the number of people in your party)
6. Complete registration and verify all details before confirming the reservation.


Can I get a tour of the Armory?

The historic San Francisco Armory located in the heart of the Mission district holds tours on a regular basis. The tour is led by employees of Cybernet Entertainment, LLC, the adult entertainment production company that acquired the building in 2006. The 90-minute tour will take you through all five floors of the landmark building and allow you to explore the facilities originally built to service the National Guard, as well as the elaborate and cinematic sets that have since been constructed for use as production studios. Experience the dark dungeons, the decadent Upper Floor, and everything in between. The extraordinary history of the SF Armory and the talented handiwork of the Art Department combine to create an unforgettable experience. From extensive prop collections to the creek that runs through the basement, there is no other place quite like it.

Private Tours can be arranged for your special event. Whether it be a Birthday party, Bachelor/ette party, or a fun excursion for co-workers or social group. Email Tours@kink.com for rates and scheduling.

Want more info about the tour? Visit our tour page. Or you can visit our ticket site:

Who owns the Armory and how is it operated?

The Armory is owned by Armory Studios, LLC.  Armory Studios, LLC has leased space in the Armory to Cybernet Entertainment, LLC. (Cybernet Entertainment) and The Armory Community Center, LLC (TACC).

Is there any signage on the Armory?

We are hoping to replicate the original sign that used to hang above the front doorway. This sign reads “The Armory”.
There will be no other signs on the 1800 Mission Street façade. TACC’s entry at 333 14th Street will have signage, appropriate with respect to the building’s historical significance, identifying it as The Armory Community Center.

Who occupies the Armory?

Cybernet Entertainment, Inc.

Is the Drill Court open for events?

Plans are being finalized and filed with the City. We are eager to engage the community in discussions about potential usage.

Why was the proposal to build condominiums abandoned?

The condo proposal suffered from at least 2 major hurdles: 1) community activists argued that the proposal was too luxurious and did not include enough affordable housing; and 2) the notions of constructing a new building in the drill court and building rooftop penthouses were not liked by some members of the Historic Preservation Commission.

Are seismic upgrades required?

The Armory is a concrete structure with a brick façade and no seismic upgrades are required by the City as long as the use isn’t changed and no major construction is done. The multi-story portion of the property has a Probable Maximum Loss (PML) rating, an insurance industry determination, of 20%. This is a very good figure, below which a bank will lend money for a permanent loan without requiring earthquake insurance. So the City does not require seismic work. However, we believe that the need for seismic upgrades would be triggered by major construction or a change of use for the building. Public use would entail the most seismic work of all, which is probably why the building had never been developed for its most obvious uses: school, church, library, theater, etc.

Is there a problem with asbestos and lead paint?

Asbestos is a big issue for any project that involves major construction in a building built before 1972.  However, since Cybernet Entertainment, LLC. (Cybernet Entertainment, LLC) occupied its space in the building mostly in as-is condition and did not disturb the asbestos, which is mostly captured beneath flooring and in walls, no remediation was required.